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Can I transfer pension benefits into the LGPS?

In most cases it is possible to transfer benefits in from other pension scheme. 

When you join the LGPS you will be given a Service Enquiry Form which asks for details of other pension schemes and whether or not you want to investigate the possibility of transferring those benefits into the LGPS.  If you do want to transfer in you must tell us in writing within 12 months of you joining the pension scheme, we will provide you with a quote of what the transfer will provide you with in the LGPS and then it is your decision whether or not you go ahead.

It is recommended that you seek independent financial advice before going ahead to make sure it is in your best interests to do so.

For further information please download a copy of the Transferring Your Benefits factsheet from the Related Documents Section or contact the Pension Fund.

If you think that you may have pension benefits from a previous workplace or personal pension scheme and you have lost track of where they are held you can visit to find the contact details of the relevant organisation.