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Pension Sharing on Divorce

For divorce proceedings which began on or after 1 December 2000 Pension Sharing means the court can order us to split the value of your benefits at the time of the divorce. This means that there is a clean break. The Court will order that the value of your pension benefits be split by a percentage amount, your pension benefits will be reduced by a pension debit  and your ex-spouse will receive a pension credit. The pension debit will be noted on your pension record and the amount taken off your pension when it comes into payment. The pension credit can either remain in the LGPS and a record set up in their own name or be transferred out to another pension provider with who your ex-spouse has a policy.

Please download a copy of the Pensions & Divorce or the Dissolution of a Civil Partnership factsheet from the  Related Documents Section for more information.

The Pension Fund is obliged to provide information when requested by solicitors acting for either party in divorce or annulment proceedings. Charges are levied for the provision of this information and more information can be obtained from the pension helpline.