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What if I change my working arrangements?

What if I change my hours or pay?

Changes to your hours or pay will be reflected in the pensionable pay that you earn for that year.

At the end of each scheme year (31st March) your employer will pass details of your pensionable pay to the pensions section and they will use this to calculate the amount of pension to be added to your pension account..  The pay information given to us  should reflect any changes in your hours or pay grade that have happened during the year.

The salary information that we are given by your employer will be shown on your Annual Benefits Statement each year - it is important that you check this as we will not be able to make corrections to any information older than 6 years.

Underpin Cases

For members who were-

  • an active member of the scheme on 31 March 2012 and,
  • within 10 years of your Normal Pension Age on 1st April 2012 (using the 2008 scheme definition)
  • and hadn't had a disqualifying break in service of more than 5 years

When you retire  a check will be done to see whether you would have been better off had you been able to remain in the Final Salary scheme up to retirement.  For this purpose any changes to your hours will need be taken into account to calculate your pensionable service in the scheme.