Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Leaving before retirement

The benefits that you are entitled to on leaving the scheme depend on when you joined the scheme and the length of time that you were in the scheme (service includes transfers in and other periods of membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme).

The fund will write to you shortly after leaving to confirm your options and let you know what you need to do next.

If you have less than 2 years total membership in the LGPS (this includes membership within other Funds not only the RCT Fund) you can

  • Receive a refund of your contributions less tax and the cost of re-instating you into the State Second Pension (S2P) if applicable.
  • Transfer your benefits to another pension providers

If you have more than 2 years total membership, or have transferred previous pension rights into the scheme you can

  • Leave your benefits until you want to bring them into payment
  • Transfer your benefits to another pension providers

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