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What do I need to do?

If you are eligible to join the scheme from your first day of employment your employer will automatically put you into the pension scheme and send you a welcome pack which contains forms that you need to complete.

You will be asked for:

  • Details of other rights that you have in the LGPS as these will be automatically aggregated unless you choose to keep them separate. 
  • Details of any other public service schemes of which you have been a member e.g. a scheme for civil servants, the judiciary, the armed forces, any scheme in England, Wales or Scotland covering local government workers, or teachers, or health service workers, or fire and rescue workers or members of the police forces, or membership of a new public body pension scheme. .


  • Information relating to any previous pensions that you may have built up in other employments and whether you want to investigate the possibility of transferring these benefits into the LGPS.. The request to transfer your benefits must be made within 12 months of joining the scheme, although your employer has the discretion to extend this period.

If you wish to join the scheme now please click here for an Opting In Form